I know I’m getting an epidural, why do I need a doula?

A doula’s job is to provide an extra pair of hands, as well as physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional support during pregnancy and most importantly, labor and childbirth.  During pregnancy, she will prepare you for what is to come, help you create a birth plan, and help you and your partner to learn how to best prepare for childbirth.  When you call your doula, she will come to your home, providing you with massage, breathing and relaxation techniques, and encouraging & supportive words before it is time to go to the hospital.  She can also help you determine when it is time to go the hospital, and provide comfort measures until you get your epidural.  Once your pain has been managed with medication, she can be an extra person when you need something and don’t want your birth partner to leave your side (or she will stay by your side so your birth partner can take a break).  She will stay with you until after the baby is born, providing support for you and your birth partner.    She also makes  a point to know your birth plan so that she can advocate for you (and your baby) when you are in the hospital or birthing center if needed.  If you would like photos or video footage, your doula can provide these services for you as well.

I already have a birth partner.  Will the doula make them feel unnecessary?

Absolutely not!  Her role in your birth is to provide support for both the mother and her birth partner (your mother, spouse, etc.) during your pregnancy and labor.  She will teach your birth partner valuable ways to be of support to you, and encourage them to be as involved as you both prefer.  When your partner needs a break, the doula is there to take over.  She can provide ice chips, or a cool cloth for your forehead, or provide soothing physical touch to relax you, so that your birth partner can focus on sharing the experience with you.  You should discuss any concerns you have about how involved you would like your birth partner to be at the birth.

How will my doula support my spouse / birth partner?

Most parents-to-be think about packing their bag for the hospital, but your doula is thinking that way as well!  She is not packing bottles, bibs, or boppies, though.  Instead, she has a change of clothes (if she needs to stay overnight while your birth partner goes home to get some rest), plenty of snacks and food for your team of support people, a new chapstick (in case you or your partner forget yours – chances are you’ll need it!), breath mints and gum, and goodies to help keep you and your birth partner relaxed.
She will ensure your partner feels safe to take breaks when needed, and will remind them to eat, drink, or sleep if appropriate.  She will also teach your birth partner techniques to help support you in labor, and will provide assurance to both you and your partner about events that occur during your birth process.
When the baby is born, she can take on the duty of telling anyone who may be in the waiting room when the baby is born so that your birth partner may remain with you and the baby to bond.  She can also take on the roll of tactfully letting the family know if or when you would like company (as many new parents sometimes prefer bonding time with their new infant before having any company).

Don’t doulas only work with midwives or at home births?

Some doulas prefer to work only in birthing centers or home births, however most doulas are accustomed to hospital births as well.  Jenica will accompany you in whatever type of setting you plan to have for your birth, and works well with staff in hospitals.  She provides non-judgmental care with an open mind, and works to facilitate whatever you desire for your birth experience.  She has worked very successfully with several nurses and ob doctors in the Labor & Delivery unit at many hospitals.

What areas do you serve?

Jenica lives and works in the Roseville, Rocklin area of Northern California.  She takes clients who will be delivering from Sacramento to Auburn, Lincoln to Granite Bay.  If you are unsure if she serves in your area, please feel free to contact her for details.

My question wasn’t listed here?

Please contact Jenica at or by phone at (916) 397-7636.